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At DUDigital, our teams are dedicated to providing top-tier service. Each team strives to ensure a smooth and highly professional interaction at all times. Consequently, we place great emphasis on feedback, as it serves as a vital channel for applicants to connect with our organization at any juncture. Please rest assured that all feedback we receive is handled with the utmost care and thorough attention.


Positive feedback is considered a compliment and is used towards measuring rewards and recognition of staff. Appreciation is always encouraging and contributes to motivating teams to set higher standards. Service experienced may be appreciated by any of the following options:
  • Please Click here to initiate the feedback process


  • Compliment for the service/ staff
  • DUDigital Customer Support team receives the compliment
  • The staff is given a certificate of appreciation


Constructive feedback is treated as a complaint and an opportunity for continuous improvement. Assurance of a timely response and resolution of the grievance as per the organization's complaint handling procedure is committed.

Service experience may require attention and feedback can be shared via the following options:

  • To submit an Online feedback for first time - Click here
  • In case the response provided is not satisfactory, Click here



  • Feedback received about service / staff
  • DUDigital Customer Support team receives the complaint
  • The feedback is shared with the concerned supervisor
  • The supervisor investigates the complaint and will respond with a resolution. If the response provides is not satisfactory, the feedback may be readdressed.

Customer Survey

Feedback is a constructive way to assess service rendered at every single touch point. This supports the continuous improvement approach, and benchmark with the best-in-class organizations.

You may give feedback on the service provided by any of the following options:



  • Provide feedback about the service/ staff DUDigital Customer Support team receives the feedback
  • The feedback is scored as satisfied or dissatisfied and shared with stake holders
  • All deltas are worked up on and alphas are shared as best practice
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